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Hey There

We're an AI startup from Sweden, dedicated to crafting an AI platform aimed at becoming a versatile tool for diverse businesses.
Currently we are collaborating with Innovatum Science Park in Trollhättan and are open for partnerships with various industries where our product can make a difference and bring value.

All About Us

Our platform's modular architecture ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness, enabling the reuse of multiple modules across various applications.

It's important to note that our product doesn't rely on chatGPT; instead, we develop our own ML model.

Integral to our architecture are domain-based adapters, empowering businesses to delve deeply into large, intricate datasets within specific domains, maximizing their value. These domains span areas such as Engineering, Energy, IoT, Manufacturing & Industry 4.0.

Quince AI Platform

Domain based AI platform that can be trained with ease
Your company can easily get a new domain on our platform and
capitalize on your own data 

Quince AI Team

The team comprises three individuals, each bringing a distinct background in management, automotive, AI, software development, and architecture.
They complement one another by contributing unique domain knowledge, with some slight overlap in experience between two members.
This diverse composition creates an ideal team synergy, facilitating clear role allocation, possessing the necessary expertise for product development, and fostering a shared understanding to support mutual pursuit of common goals.

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